Institutional Affiliation of Presidents of the APhA and AŒA


Between 1886 and 1960, the presidents of the American Philological Association (APhA) came from 30 institutions, while the presidents from the American Economic Association (AŒA) came from 22 (in both cases, the institution is counted as the one to which the person had affiliation upon beginning to serve his or term). Since 1960, presidents from the APhA have hailed from 30 institutions while those of the AŒA have hailed from just 17.

The following figure presents the number of institutions to which presidents of the respective associations were affiliated in the year of their election over rolling ten-year periods from the founding of each association until 2011. For the APhA, nine different institutions were represented in the median rolling decade - that is, in a given decade, about two presidents were affiliated with the same institution. For the AŒA, seven different institutions were represented, and the ten presidents of the AŒA who served during 1993-2002 came from just four institutions.

Figure. Presidents’ Institutional Affiliation, 1879–2011
(Rolling ten-year tally ending in the indicated year)

Sources: AŒA, APhA.