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Note: An update is in progress. The author indices are up-to-date; other pages are being updated.

Welcome to Via Stazio, a Web site dedicated primarily to the scholarly bibliography on the Latin author Publius Papinius Statius.

The bibliography is divided into four sections: there is an alphabetical listing of scholars; a bibliography by subject; a line-by-line breakdown of each poem on the basis of comments found in articles; and a classified list of editions. I have also added a list of manuscripts and printed editions of Statius that are available freely on-line - a list that I hope grows soon. Lastly are some statistics on the information contained herein.

The entire bibliography is also available as a single download, either with or without summaries. Note that these lists include articles and volumes that are not yet catalogued in the indices. That is, these two files are updated more frequently than the subject-matter files are.

There has been an explosion of Statian studies in the past decade, and I suspect that more people are reading his works now than at any point since the first World War. It is refreshing that so much of the basic interpretative work on Statius is now finally being done, but there is much room for more, and these pages are intended, as they were a decade ago, to help students and scholars to get a start.

There are several caveats to using this bibliography. The focus of the bibliography is on scholarly works that deal specifically with Statius. Sources include TOCS-IN, Gnomon Online, L'Année Philologique, Jahrbuch für Alterthumswissenschaft, and other printed bibliographical sources. I've tried to avoid general studies that just touch on Statius, but, as publishers now cast much wider nets when indicating the subjects for publications, there may be some entries that are superfluous. (Incidentally, this is the chief source of error in the statistics section.) The structure of the subject index is based on the most common themes in articles published before 2000 (with an added desire to keep the structure simple and not overly specific), and may no longer be appropriate, given the explosion of Statian literature in the past decade. Note, too, that the subject indices focus on classifying articles rather than the individual chapters of books.

Articles are added first in the author index section and are added to the other indices only once a summary becomes available (if the subject matter is not apparent from the title).

I am always happy to receive corrections, amplifications, additions, links, and especially summaries of articles. Just e-mail them to me at harald à viastazio.

"Non enim cuiusvis est Statium corrigere, prout summorum virorum exemplis vides."
- J. Markland (ed. London, 1728, p. 409, col. 1, ad Silv. 5.5.52)

"Ego sane facilius arbitror fuisse, unius Minervae auxilio quinquaginta heroas interficere Tydeo isti,
quam nobis ope omnium Musicorum numinum, tantum mensorum et obscuritatum chaos
illuminare, indagare, excutere, notare, producere et exstirpare."
- C. Barth (ed. Zwickau, 1664)

Last modified: 8/13/2020