Fear of Floating?

Exchange regime classifications

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De jure Annual (1945-2006) Monthly (1945-2006)
De facto Coarse (8 categories) Annual (1945-2006) Monthly (1945-89, 2002-06)
  Fine (14 categories) Annual (1945-2006) Monthly (1945-89, 2002-06)
De jure Annual (1945-2006) Monthly (1945-2006)
De facto Annual (1945-2006) Monthly (1945-2006)

Ancillary materials

Methodological note

Differences between the current de jure exchange regime classifications and Calvo and Reinhart's. Includes materials illustrating Calvo and Reinhart's incorrect interpretation of the IMF de jure classification tables

Notes on (1) errors in the IFS exchange rate data and (2) and Reinhart and Rogoff's incorrect choice of exchange rate data